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I was asked about my line work and how to keep a steady hand.
Well if you watch these clips closely, you will notice I do not have a steady hand. You will see me go off line occasionally. I try to put the line down as quick as I can without obsessing or worrying about the line being straight. Most of my inktober drawings simply create an illusion. If you look closely at any of them you will notice they are very imperfect.

If you are having difficulty drawing such lines, just keep practising and it will come. This isn’t a dark art. It just requires practice and not throwing the towel in after the first day of failure.

I have looked at some artist’s work, which at first glace looks stunning but when I look closely, it is an illusion created by the overall appearance. That is not to say the work is not skilful. It is actually stunning work but the initial impact blinds you to it’s imperfection The fact that the illusion works is evidence of their skill.
My drawings may be an illusion but I wouldn’t go as far as to put myself in the same class.