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This #inktober sketch  is of a tombstone in Lawnswood Cemetery, on Otley Road, Leeds.

I drew this with a Pentel Brush pen.

Product code: GFKP

As you can see in the above drawing, the Pentel Brush pens  is capable of a wide variety of pen strokes. It is very much like using an inking/watercolour brush. The pen handles very well on a wide range of paper surfaces. I loved the pen as soon as I began using it. Refills are available for this product, which are another reason I like this pen. The pen has a good life span. I have been using this particular for over a year.

Product code : FP10

Pentel manufacture some amazing pens that are surprisingly durable. I have some Pentel pens that have lasted over a year and are still going strong. I have some Pentel marker pens that I began using over five years ago and forgot about, which still work effectively today. Excellent product.

These days I buy most of my pens and markers form Cult Pens, which is an outstanding online art store. Their service is excellent. I would recommend them to professionals and amateurs alike.

Check them out via the link below