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Another gargoyle.
This one can be found by the doorway to The Yorkshire Penny Bank, infirmary Street, Leeds. A blue plaque heritage building. Now the home of Aspire
There is a bit about the building’s history on their site
After posting this on a few social media sites, I was asked about my process and if the rendering on th einktober drawings is a mix of ink and pencil.
I can tell you that it is definitely ALL ink.
Some of my inktober drawings started out on site, on route to a place of work, but  then had to be finished after work , so I take photos of the subject for reference later.
As with most drawing I produce, I begin with a rough pencil sketch to capture the shape. Sometime I can achieve this first go. Sometimes it takes a while.
and then I will fill in the details based on the reference
Once I have  successfully drawn the image I want to ink  I begin inking over the pencil drawing.
However, sometimes the pencil drawing can be a bit messy and I may have corrected it a few times , leaving the cartridge paper surface grubby, so I do a quick trace of the original sketch into clean paper.
I have been using a Pentel Brush pen (see my previous post ) for all my inktober drawings so far. I really like using this pen. It gives great results.I now have two of these pens on the go. One for doing nice clean line and an empty cartridge pend for dry brush effect. The dry brush effect is what some people are thinking is pencil. It’s not. It is ink but the effect is created by lightly rubbing a dry brush across the surface of the paper.