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I finally got around to watching season 2 of Ch4/KUDOS/AMC’s, Humans.

It was interesting to see how close some of the scenes were shot to the storyboards I produced for the series.

It was fun working on the series as I was working with director, Mark Brozel, whom I had the pleasure of working with before, on DCI  Banks.  It is good when you develop a good line of communication with a director as it helps the project run smoothly. I hit it off straight away with Mark. He was very sure about how he wanted to shoot a scene and how that should be visualised in a series of storyboards. This pretty much made my part a breeze, as all I had to do was draw it. If someone knows exactly what they want, my job is easy.

I had not seen the first season of Humans. I was aware of it, but my work can often  prevent me from watching tv series and movies at the time of release, so  I had a binge viewing of season 1 over 2 days to get up to speed before embarking on this project.

Here are some examples of  the storyboards I produced  along with some screen grabs to show how close the scenes were shot to the storyboards.

As with  most storyboards for tv and film, there are a few variations drawn up. Mark considered the possibility of both Mia and Hester peering through the glass panel in the door.

I was struggling to get the likenesses of  both, Gemma Chan, and, Sonya Cassidy in such tiny frames. Fortunately, for tv and film storyboards, the priority is clearing the amount of frames necessary , on time,  and in time for the shoot.  It has been known for me to be asked to produce some storyboards for last minute reshoots due to script changes etc, just 24 hours before a shoot.

The set of frames below is a good example of shot variations and how the scene is finally shot.

The bottom frames were not used. No  pan left  track right, as I remember. I believe , what I had suggested as an alternative for the awakening, was used as a cut  when Mia and Hester enter the room.

I will write more about my experience  producing  storyboards for Humans Season 2 in future posts